Kensun AC/DC Portable Rapid Performance Air Compressor Review


If you own a vehicle, you will agree with me that slow tire leaks are almost inevitable. The leaks will always cost you a lot in the long run especially if you forget to check the pressure levels in your tires regularly. These leaks cause gas mileage as well as your car tire to wear out sooner than expected.

At other times, tire leaks may compel you to lose control of your vehicle, and this may result in severe road accidents. For this reason, a portable air compressor is always an excellent addition to your toolkit. This way you don’t have to worry about the slow leaks that often result in a bigger mess later.

In that case, this review aims at analyzing some of the critical features of the Kensun AC/DC Portable Air compressor unit. More to that, I will review the good but not great features of the product, the user critique as well as the pros and cons.

Features of Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor

Below are some of the highlights of Kensun AC/DC air compressor that makes it stand out among its counterparts;

  1. Performance Levels

The Kensun AC/DC portable rapid performance air compressor is a unit that will never be out of its depth. The reason being, Kensun AC/DC is not only compatible with 12V from your vehicle but also with the 120 V home voltage.

In addition to that, it has a reasonable rate of air flow which hits a decent 30 litres per every litre. Therefore, the air compressor pump inflates the tires in a shorter period. More to that, the portable air compressor pump’s usability gets better with the integrated digital pre-sets.

The rich assortment with the different nozzles at the same time seals around any tires effectively. This feature characterises the air compressor pump with the high-quality performance levels which makes it stand out among its counterparts.

  1. LCD Display/ LED lights

This air compressor unit comes with an LCD which dishes out the unit reading of pressure generously until it achieves the desired pressure levels. However, the air compressor unit can also use other alternative methods of reading measurements whenever necessary.
More to that, the air compressor pump cokes with complementary LED lights which enhance night operations in dark country roads. The lights ensure that you have an easy time when operating in low lit areas.

  1. The range of Pressure measure

The maximum Pressure emitted by this air compressor pump ranges at 90 PSI. All in all, usually the device can manage a constant 35 PSI for about half an hour.

  1. Versatility

This device transcends the functions of the regular air compressor unit by being flexible and adaptable. In that, this unit is compatible with both the AC and DC use. It can do with the home wall sockets as well as the car cigarette lighter socket. Also, with the additional pre-set and attached nozzles, the unit can perform multiple uses. It can air up both the indoors and outdoors equipment’s.

  1. High quality make

The Kensun AC/DC air compressor unit is formed by a well-known company which well known for producing high-quality automotive products. This guarantees the users a long lifetime when using the device. You are sure that the air compressor can withstand even the harsh conditions.

  1. Compact design and portability

The Kensun AC/DC air compressor has a small compact design as well as it is very light in weight. These features make it easily portable and enhance its storage. This means that the device takes up little space in your trunk and storage compartment. For that reason, you are sure that the unit will always be at a hand reach whenever you need it.

User Critique

This air compressor unit makes a good choice if you are looking for a handy unit to take with you during your camping sessions or just for home use. However, some of the users of this product have a few things to complain about.

Some users complained that they viewed the LCD screen at a very narrow angle. In that, you cannot see the display of this air compressor unit when placed in the normal position one puts the pump.

Also, other costumers also complained about the disappointing constant pressure reverts when you disconnect the power source. This issue was quite a let-down since every time the users had to reset the desired pressure from the 35 PSI. Most of the users found this quite time to consume since they had to push the + or –


  • It has a digital LCD Display
  • It comes with a useful built-in torch
  • It has the ultimate stability required in an air compressor. The balance gives you an easy time during the operations.
  • It has a long DC connecting cable
  • It has an easy to comprehend set up which allows one to switch between the AC- wall socket as well as the DC- cigarette lighter socket effectively
  • It has the digital pre-sets and additional attachments nozzles, therefore, a multipurpose air inflator unit.
  • It has adequate pressure levels which can air up both outdoor and indoor equipment’s easily
  • It is light in weight therefore easily portablem
  • It has advanced functionality hence reliable
  • It comes with a digital display gauge
  • It has LED lights to enhance visibility in low lit areas
  • It has an automatic shut off feature when the device reaches the desired pressure level
  • It has a compact size which eases up the storage procedures of this air compressor unit.

  • The AC- wall cord is not long enough for flexibility
  • The air compressor unit does not come with a separate storage compartment for the DC- Cigarette lighter cable



In conclusion, the Kensun air compressor is a reliable and high-quality car inflator which is an excellent choice for any car owner. Although it is pocket-friendly, it doesn’t compromise its efficiency and beneficial features. It is quite handy therefore the best choice for emergency uses as well as regular maintenance procedures too.